The HabitRPG Memory Training Group

Magical memory athletes in Pixeltown

What is this group?

The first international memory training team, that uses pixel magic
to become – or stay – memory champions.

The task is simple and yet hard: At least one hour memory training every day and a full online decathlon memory championship every week! How we do that?

By fighting monsters on HabitRPG!

Step 1:

Create your free HabitRPG account

Step 2:

Join the Party by sharing your User ID

(Settings/API/User ID)

Step 3:

Create your Daily Tasks

(The more, the better)


Step 4:

Join the current contest on MemoCamp

(requires a premium account – or setup your own pen&paper event)


Step 5:

Do your Daily Tasks, defeat our quest monsters and earn Gold and Experience

(The more Dailies and To-Dos you do, the faster we will kill those damn monsters and get our loot)


Be responsible with your tasks, or you will damage your entire Party

Step 6:

Get Level 10 and choose your class





Step 7:

Collect your loot

Gather Eggs

Hatch Pets

Grow Mounts

Get Epic

Step 8:

Become a Memory Champion