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Memory Techniques

Learn how to memorize like a memory champion

Learn more about the Major System on

major system memory training

Major System Images Classic (00-99)

Nearly 800 Major System training images to create your perfect number memory system with only the best combinations. It was never easier to learn the Major System.
major system number list

Major System Images Visual (00-99)

The same deck as before but following the more intuitive visual Major System Code. Discover our beautiful photo selection and the wide variety of options for your list.

The Wardrobe Memory Method

The Wardrobe Method is probably one of the most powerful memory techniques ever created. You can learn everything with it and even use your new knowledge as a new system on its own. Create large number systems for memory championships or build your own memory palace.

Memory System for Food

This is another list of 100 images for a 2-digit system or as a wardrobe for a larger system. It doesn’t use any codification. Instead there are ten main categories with different sorts of food like fruit, vegetables, pastries, sweets and snacks.

Rubik’s Cube Memory System

If you have ever wondered how to solve the Rubik’s Cube, I have not only the answer for you but also a sweet way to memorise the entire algorithms needed. You will learn a beginner method for the cube which will lead you to solve it. This is not a tutorial for speedcubing.

The Self Enhanced Memory Matrix (Sem³)

Using memory techniques can get complicated when you want to memorize a lot of different information. Memory godfather Tony Buzan came up with the idea of putting your major system into a matrix and stretching it that way up to 10.000 combinations. Frank Gazerro is...

Memory Discipline: Random Words

In the previous episodes of How to become a Memory Champion you learned all about the basic techniques of a memory athlete. From now on you will be introduced into the championship disciplines. We will start with two of the easier ones: Speed Words and Random Words.

Memory Discipline: Binary Digits

In the fifth episode of How to become a Memory Champion you will be introduced to binary digits. Understand the logic behind ones and zeros and learn how to memorize them. With that knowledge you can enter another main discipline in a memory championship.

The Major System

Learn how to memorize numbers with the Major System. It is a powerful memory technique which is used by the majority of mental athletes. Since it is based on a phonetic system, you will easily memorize all the images and go on to use it in action. But you must be careful: It will blow your mind!

The Perfect Association

It is time for the second chapter of How to become a Memory Champion. The last time we spoke about the method of loci, with which we created an Elephant Path. Today we will talk about how to use it and create a story worth remembering. It is all about the right associations. Learn what you should do and what you should leave out.

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