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Memory Championships

Memory Championships

French Open Memory Championship 2017 Review

Springtime has come to Paris, and the 2017 memory championship season has come to Europe! Our first European competition of the year, the French Open Memory Championship 2017, took place in the Espace Moncassin, just a short walk away from the Eiffel Tower, and nineteen brave memorisers came to town in the lovely sunny weather to take part in only the third memory championship ever held in France!

Korea Open Memory Championship 2017 Review

The IAM Korea Open 2017 was the first memory championship in Korea and it started big. Over 150 registered competitors from several countries came together to memorize for some decent price money and prestige. Ben Pridmore presents a review of this brilliant event.

Upcoming Memory Competitions Calendar Released

We are happy to announce, that we have a new calendar for upcoming memory competitions. You can find it in our main menu and under There are filters and a color code for affiliation.

The Democratic Outcry of the Memory Sports Community

On May 26th 2016, a selection of well known memory athletes, arbiters and organizers from around the world spoke up in a public letter addressed to World Memory Sports Council, the non-democratic organ behind the organizers of the World Memory Championships (WMC) and...

MAA US Memory Open 2016 Registration

The US Memory Open will return in the second year as the only fully rankable memory championship in the United States. Unlike last year, this event will be a pen & paper competition. It will use the shorter National Standard with 5min Names, 10min Cards and 15min Numbers.

XMT 2016 Qualifier Results: Words

The fifth and final week of the Extreme Memory Tournament (XMT) online qualification events is over. It was all about memorizing words, which ultimately decided the 16 slots for the altogether 24 positions of the XMT 2016 (8 athletes are already qualified from last years event).

XMT 2016 Qualifier Results: Numbers

The Extreme Memory Tournament (XMT) Qualifiers 2016 in week number four was all about the Number discipline. The athletes had to memorize 80 digits, for which they had a maximum of 60 seconds, like in all XMT events. All top 16 qualified athletes did that task in much less than the given time.

XMT 2016 Qualifier Results: Names

The third week of the XMT Qualifiers 2016 was all about memorizing up to 30 names in 60 seconds or less. The current world record was set in 2015 by the German memory athlete Simon Reinhard, with 27 names in 60 seconds. Although the Qualifiers are no official results, we have seen some very impressive scores, with three athletes equalizing and another three even breaking the current record.

XMT 2016 Qualifier Results: Images

The Extreme Memory Tournament (XMT) is one of the hottest memory events. A few days ago I wrote a little bit about it and presented the top 16 qualification attempts with cards for the 2016 event. Today we will look at the best Qualifier results with the unique Images discipline.

XMT 2016 Qualifier Results: Cards

The Extreme Memory Tournament (short: XMT) has established itself as the most exciting memory event of the year. Well, next to the World Memory Championship. But since it is fully digital with a gorgeous software, live-streaming, instant results and $75,000 prize...

World Memory Championship 2015

The twenty fourth World Memory Championship in Chengdu has smashed many world records and reshuffled the world rankings anew. Browse through our beautiful winner list for all the ten disciplines.

Taiwan Memory Championship Recap

Each new competition seems to be sending shockwaves through the memory world rankings these days, and the 2015 Taiwan Open Memory Championship, held in Taoyuan on Oct. 31 - Nov. 1, proved no different. Six of the Top 50 memory athletes improved their best ever total...

XMT 2015 Gallery

This is a gallery with videos and images from the Extreme Memory Tournament 2015 in San Diego, California. See for yourself how the best memory athletes in the world compete in the toughest memory competition of the world.

South German Memory Open 2014 – Livestream

This is the live stream of the South German Memory Open 2014. You can watch it even afterwards on YouTube. My co-moderator is Johannes Mallow, #1 ranked memory athlete in the world. He is sharing many great insights in his training and techniques.

Extreme Memory Tournament 2014 Preview

There is a brand new memory competition on the horizon: At the end of April 2014 the Extreme Memory Tournament will take place in San Diego, California. US Memory champion Nelson Dellis has talked with me about his exciting format that might change the world of memory sports for ever.

World Memory Championship 2013

Jonas von Essen is the new World Memory Champion and the first Scandinavian one. After a perfect year of competitions he completed this epic run with taking the crown from Johannes Mallow. The Swedish memory master seemed to ease through three days of tough disciplines showing the world how easy it can be to turn from a normal memory to an out-of-the-world genius within less than two years.

Memory Competition News and Rule Changes

Welcome to the February edition of the WMSC newsletter, and there is lots to report. New Council Members Firstly, we would like to welcome the new Council Members who have recently been invited to sit on the World Memory Sports Council and to represent the interest of...

China excels with a British invention

Germany and China are picking up the ball and running with a British invention, the World Memory Championship. Founded in London in 1991, the Memory Championships, now in their 19th year, are taking place in Guangzhou, China. Germany and the host nation are poised...

German Memory Championship 2010

Johannes Mallow from Magdeburg (29) now officially has the best memory in Germany. He has beaten last year’s winner Simon Reinhard, from Munich, who despite achieving two world records, only made forth place overall.

Mental Calculation World Cup 2010 – DAY 3

June 5th – 7th the fourth Mental Calculation World Cup (MCWC) took place in Magdeburg, Germany. Women and men as well as adults and children competed in the same contests. That was a wise decision since an old man and a young girl competed about being the best calculator in the world.

Mental Calculation World Cup 2010 – DAY 2

June 5th – 7th the fourth Mental Calculation World Cup (MCWC) took place in Magdeburg, Germany in the course of the festival summer of science 2010. Thirty-three competitors from thirteen countries finally entered the competition. Two world records were broken on the second day!

Mental Calculation World Cup 2010 – DAY 1

June 5th – 7th the fourth Mental Calculation World Cup (MCWC) took place in Magdeburg, Germany in the course of the festival summer of science 2010. Thirty-three competitors from thirteen countries entered the competition. Read about day 1 and how a world record was broken on a science boat.

Cambridge Memory Championship 2010

US memory athlete Nelson Dellis went to the 5th Cambridge Open to compete in his first international championship. After training non-stop since September 2009 he was aiming high scores. And he got them (although not nearly as high as he hoped. Read his review about this famous event.

Welsh Memory Championship 2010

On Saturday, the 8th of May 2010, the 2nd Welsh Memory Championship took part in Newport, Wales. With seven competitors it is one of the smaller tournaments but still with a lot of public recognition. Organizer Dai Griffiths has written a report from this event for

Report: USA Memory Championship 2010

Welcome to the memory sports season 2010. I am in New York City to cover the 13th USA Memory Championship for you. It will be a premiere for all you Europeans, Asians and Australians. There was only very little information about this event in our areas before. This...

Review: Swedish Memory Championship 2009

After each memory championship Memory-Sports is writing a review about the competition. Read about the 1st Swedish Memory Championship in Gothenburg. Several Competitors wrote their statement about this event and like always I publish the best pictures I took. Read, download and have fun.

How to handle a Memory Championship

Good results at memory championships depend on doing things correctly. In this article you will learn about common mistakes and how you can handle a championship as a participant to maximize your overall score.

10 things you should know about memory championships

With the official launch of, it is in my duty to keep you posted about upcoming memory events. But what‘s about the past two decades of stunning championships? I gathered ten interesting facts about the dawn of memory sports.

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