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Top 25 World Memory Rankings

The disciplines shown in these statistics are the official World Memory Championship categories in the same order as at the competition. You can sort the rankings for all disciplines and compare the competitors with each other by their strengths and weaknesses. Since some of the champions didn’t participate in a long time anymore they have blank results in some of the disciplines that changed over time like Names & Faces or Abstract Images. To see their alternative results in old Names & Faces or Poem you can follow the links below.

Keep in mind that this is merely a list of the top athletes according to their overall ranking score. If you sort the list after some of the categories you will only see the same champions as before but reordered. Therefore there might be missing some extraordinary results from other competitors with a lower overall score than those shown here, even if they achieved partly better results than some in this list.

If you are sorting by Speed Cards you should choose “ascending” because that is the only discipline where less is more.

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