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Welcome to the first rankable memory championship on the American continent. On May 5th and May 6th the Memory Athletes Association (MAA) is organizing two different event:

On the first day there will be a World Memory Sports Council (WMSC) championship, following the National Standard with 10 short disciplines. The result will be rankable in the world rankings due to having an official level two arbiter present. This event will also be the first digital Open in the history of WMSC championships. All competitors are required to bring an internet capable Laptop.

On day two there will be a brand new competition called Memo Games. It covers seven new events, designed to be fast, exciting and with rules allowing for very high scores. It will also be completely digital and requires a Laptop as well. To learn more about these new events, read our info page.

Both events are independent from each other. That means they will both create separate winners with separate medals. It will be possible to only attend one out of the two events. The registration fee will stay the same though, so one event costs as much as two events to participate.


Two memory championships in one

US Memoy Open

May 5th, 2015

10 discipline National Standard Open

  1. Random Words 5min
  2. Binary Numbers 5min
  3. Names & Faces 5min
  4. Numbers 15min
  5. Cards 10min
  6. Numbers 5min
  7. Abstract Images 15min
  8. Historic Dates 5min
  9. Spoken Numbers
  10. Speed Cards

Memo Games

May 6th, 2015

7 new memory games

  1. Memo Chess
  2. Memo Cube
  3. Memo Password
  4. Memo Puzzle
  5. Data Rush
  6. Number Rush
  7. Card Rush

Registration and Venue

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