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Interviews with Memory Champions

Interviews with Memory Champions

Learn from the best and become a memory champion yourself.

Dorothea Seitz Interview

About two years ago Dorothea Seitz started to train memory techniques. In October 2008 she went to Bahrain and competed against 43 memory athletes from all over the world – and became Junior World Memory Champion. spoke with the sixteen years young lady.

Simon Orton Interview

The four times australian champion is the founder of the Memory Sports Statistics. Further more he is also the creator of the Online Memory Challenge. spoke with him about the Australian community and his influencing websites.

Johannes Mallow Interview

There are few people in the world with such a brilliant memory like him. Although everybody can learn and train the same techniques Johannes Mallow is using, only a handfull of athletes juggle their images as skilled like the postgraduate from Magdeburg, Germany.

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