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Interviews with Memory Champions

Interviews with Memory Champions

Learn from the best and become a memory champion yourself.

Interview with Katie Kermode

Katie Kermode is one of the most talented memory athletes of all time. She has broken the Names & Faces world record on her very first memory championship in 2008. Ever since then she has established herself a reputation of improving steadily in all disciplines....

Interview with Sri Vyshnavi Yarlagadda

In this century India is becoming one of the most influential countries in the world, with the biggest population and a thriving economy. They alreay have produced some of the finest memory athletes in the world. Sri Vyshnavi Yarlagadda is holding up the torch for memory sports in India and for inspiring women worldwide with her amazing achievements at memory competitions. We spoke with her about her ambitions, her training and her vision for the future of the sport.

Interview with Lance Tschirhart

In the recent years the USA has produced several top memory athletes, one of them is the world record holder Lance Tschirhart. He made himself a name for creating sophisticated memory systems and doing a vigorous training regimen. We spoke with him about his systems, training and goals.

Interview with Emma Andersson

Memory sport has been dominated by men for over two decades now. But the tides are turning with more and more amazing female memory athletes appearing all around the world. We are starting a special interview series about the women in our sport with a brilliant junior from Sweden, who is already a world record holder in the adult class of the discipline called Abstract Images.

Interview with Shijir-Erdene Bat-Enkh

Shijir is a Grandmaster of Memory from Mongolia, who broke the junior world record in Speed Cards and even won the adult category for Binary Numbers at the 2016 World Memory Championships. We have talked with him about his passion, training and the difference of memory sports in Mongolia and western countries.

Interview with Alex Mullen

In the recent years we have seen the United States joining the top elite of memory athletes. One of the young and super talented Yankees is Alex Mullen. He jumped under the top 20 in the world in his first ranked tournament and placed fourth in the Extreme Memory Tournament 2015.

Simon Reinhard Interview

If one had to decide who is the most talented and successful memory athlete of all times, there would probably one name pop up among the few chosen ones, that everyone has heard about. We talked with Simon “The Flash” Reinhard and asked him for his secrets.

Marwin Wallonius Interview

In 2012 a new memory athlete appeared who quickly climbed the memory rankings. At the time of this interview he is on position number 14 in the world and has achieved the Grand Master title. Running in the shadows of his fellow Swede and two times World Memory Champion Jonas von Essen, few have spotted this outstanding talent yet. We are about to change that: clear the stage for Marwin Wallonius from Sweden.

Nelson Dellis Interview

Steady as a rock he is climbing the highest mountains, raising awareness for Alzheimer disease. And in the meantime he is the most successful US memory athlete of all times. I talked with Nelson Dellis about physical and mental mountains and how to overcome them.

Boris Konrad Interview

There is one memory athlete who seems to love competition more than anything: The German neuroscientist and physicist Boris Nikolai Konrad. He managed to break world records in the two difficult disciplines Random Words and Names & Faces several times. And his amount of #37 memory championship participations is only beaten by the former World Memory Champion Ben Pridmore.

Andy Fong Interview

Countries like China, Mongolia, the Philippines and India are booming, pruducing many marvelous memory athletes. One of them is Andy Fong from Hong Kong who is doing this sport a favor from four different angles: as a memory athlete, memory arbiter, championship organizer and last but not least putting memory techniques in an astonishing practice.

Marcin “Maskow” Kowalczyk Interview

The young polish mnemonist Marcin “Maskow” Kowalczyk can solve 41 Rubic’s Cubes blindfolded in an hour. This colorful brain twister toy became highly popular again in the last decade and people from all over the world are training to solve it in an instant. But Marcin is striving for a bigger challenge: The eternal blindfolded crown.

Jonas von Essen Interview

In only one year the young Swedish memory athlete Jonas von Essen wiped the memory sports scene clean, winning eight memory championships and shooting himself up the world rankings to number four. The sportive Swede is prepairing himself now for the World Memory Championship 2013 in London.

Ben Pridmore Interview

In the last decade memory sports most valuable player was by far the bold bearded man with the black hat. He has the fastest memory in the world and probably the best humor among all athletes of his kind. spoke with the self-appointed “Geek” about his roots, role models and rivals.

Oddbjørn By Interview

He is the tripple Norwegian Memory Champion and author of the international bestseller book “Memo”. The 28 years old Oddbjørn By is famous for his memory in Skandinavia. spoke with him about his book, speed exams and other creative ways to use memory techniques.

Dennis Müller Interview

He is the most promising newcomer of the season ’09. In only three championships in a row he climbed from zero to rank 22 in the world. It will only be a matter of time and experience before he aims for even higher positions. was asking him about his techniques and his amazing synesthesia.

Phil Chambers Interview

He is the chief arbiter of memory sports and Tony Buzan’s right hand: Phil Chambers spoke with us about the early days of the sport. He is also looking into a bright future where many of our dreams might come true. Read more about what the World Memory Sports Council has in mind for the mental athletics.

Konstantin Skudler Interview

He is the youngest star among the memory elite. With only nine years old he won the World Memory Championship Children’s Competition in 2008. Memory-Sports journalist Florian Dellé spoke with his former student from Berlin.

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