Double Card Category Memory System

This is an example for a 2-digit card system, encoding 52x52 possibilites for each two cards. To structure these 2704 images in total I created a Category System. It is build on top of a 2-digit Person-Action-Object System (PAO). The PAO then is used to memorize 1.000 people and 1.000 objects, already grouped into 200 categories of 10 each. This so called Millennium PAO can be inspected in another gallery under the following link:

For this Double Card system I then took my 100 people categories and 100 object categories of 10 images each and expanded it with the missing 704 images. This process was very easy and fitted perfectly into the Millennium PAO images.

If we divide a deck into the four suits, we are left with 13 cards each. Each suit is using index numbers from Ace, 2-10, J, Q and K. If we use the numbers 2-9 as they are, assign Ace to 1 and 10 to 0, we get a sweet row of 0-9. It is very easy now to assign a number based system of ten images each to them, even easier with a category number system.

Each of the 52 cards may face four different suits. That gives us 208 different groups. That is near perfect, because we can fill 200 of these groups already partly with our existing 200 images from the Millennium PAO and assign them to their according number index. Only the Jack, Quenn and King are missing yet and 8 additional entirely new categories.

The most difficult part is then to recognize the correct category by only looking at the index of two cards. I use simple math for that: Each card can bedivided into four suits. Therefore I multiply the index number with a 4, f.e. 7 of any suit = 28. To the result I add the worth of the seconds card suit, which is between 1-4. I use the logic Spades = 1 (because looks like one leave or tree), Hearts = 2 (because the right outer rim looks like a 2 and it has two sides), Clubs = 3 (because it has three bubbles) and Diamond = 4 (because it has four pointy ends). Together that gives me the category number. Only left is the correct image out of the 13 category images.

Finally the last rules are: If it starts with a black card, all images are people. If it starts with a red card, all images are objects. And Clubs and Diamonds add a 50 to the calculation to cover the numbers from 500-999 for each of the people and objects.

All images are shared under fair use for educational purposes and will never be moneytized.
001-(Spades-10) 1 Spades 002-(Spades-10) 2 Hearts 003-(Spades-10) 3 Clubs 004-(Spades-10) 4 Diamonds
005-(Spades-Ace) 1 Spades 006-(Spades-Ace) 2 Hearts 007-(Spades-Ace) 3 Clubs 008-(Spades-Ace) 4 Diamonds
009-(Spades-Two) 1 Spades 010-(Spades-Two) 2 Hearts 011-(Spades-Two) 3 Clubs 012-(Spades-Two) 4 Diamonds
013-(Spades-Three) 1 Spades 014-(Spades-Three) 2 Hearts 015-(Spades-Three) 3 Clubs 016-(Spades-Three) 4 Diamonds
017-(Spades-Four) 1 Spades 018-(Spades-Four) 2 Hearts 019-(Spades-Four) 3 Clubs 020-(Spades-Four) 4 Diamonds
021-(Spades-Five) 1 Spades 022-(Spades-Five) 2 Hearts 023-(Spades-Five) 3 Clubs 024-(Spades-Five) 4 Diamonds
025-(Spades-Six) 1 Spades 026-(Spades-Six) 2 Hearts 027-(Spades-Six) 3 Clubs 028-(Spades-Six) 4 Diamonds
029-(Spades-Seven) 1 Spades 030-(Spades-Seven) 2 Hearts 031-(Spades-Seven) 3 Clubs 032-(Spades-Seven) 4 Diamonds
033-(Spades-Eight) 1 Spades 034-(Spades-Eight) 2 Hearts 035-(Spades-Eight) 3 Clubs 036-(Spades-Eight) 4 Diamonds
037-(Spades-Nine) 1 Spades 038-(Spades-Nine) 2 Hearts 039-(Spades-Nine) 3 Spades 040-(Spades-Nine) 4 Diamonds
041-(Spades-Jack) 1 Spades 042-(Spades-Jack) 2 Hearts 043-(Spades-Jack) 3 Clubs 044-(Spades-Jack) 4 Diamonds
045-(Spades-Queen) 1 Spades 046-(Spades-Queen) 2 Hearts 047-(Spades-Queen) 3 Clubs 048-(Spades-Queen) 4 Diamonds
049-(Spades-King) 1 Spades 050 1-(Spades-King) 2 Hearts  t 050 2-(Spades-King) 3 Clubs 050 3-(Spades-King) 4 Diamonds
051-(Clubs-10) 1 Spades 052-(Clubs-10) 2 Hearts 053-(Clubs-10) 3 Spades 054-(Clubs-10) 4 Diamonds
055-(Clubs-A) 1 Spades 056-(Clubs-A) 2 Hearts 057-(Clubs-A) 3 Clubs 058-(Clubs-A) 4 Diamonds
059-(Clubs-2) 1 Spades 060-(Clubs-2) 2 Hearts 061-(Clubs-2) 3 Spades 062-(Clubs-2) 4 Diamonds
063-(Clubs-3) 1 Spades 064-(Clubs-3) 2 Hearts 065-(Clubs-3) 3 Clubs 066-(Clubs-3) 4 Diamonds
067-(Clubs-4) 1 Spades 068-(Clubs-4) 2 Hearts 069-(Clubs-4) 3 Clubs 070-(Clubs-4) 4 Diamonds
071-(Clubs-5) 1 Spades 072-(Clubs-5) 2 Hearts 073-(Clubs-5) 3 Clubs 074-(Clubs-5) 4 Diamonds
075-(Clubs-6) 1 Spades 076-(Clubs-6) 2 Hearts 077-(Clubs-6) 3 Spades 078-(Clubs-6) 4 Diamonds
079-(Clubs-7) 1 Spades 080-(Clubs-7) 2 Hearts 081-(Clubs-7) 3 Clubs 082-(Clubs-7) 4 Diamonds
083-(Clubs-8) 1 Spades 084-(Clubs-8) 2 Hearts 085-(Clubs-8) 3 Clubs 086-(Clubs-8) 4 Diamonds
087-(Clubs-9) 1 Spades 088-(Clubs-9) 2 Hearts 089-(Clubs-9) 3 Clubs 090-(Clubs-9) 4 Diamonds
091-(Clubs-Jack) 1 Spades 092-(Clubs-Jack) 2 Hearts 093-(Clubs-Jack) 3 Clubs 094-(Clubs-Jack) 4 Diamonds
095-(Clubs-Queen) 1 Spades 096-(Clubs-Queen) 2 Hearts 097-(Clubs-Queen) 3 Clubs 098-(Clubs-Queen) 4 Diamonds
099-(Clubs-King) 1 Spades 099 2-(Clubs-King) 2 Hearts 099 3-(Clubs-King) 3 Clubs 099 4-(Clubs-King) 4 Diamonds