This is a memory system I developed it for competing at memory championships. Each person encodes a number between 000 and 999 with alltogether 1.000 different people grouped in categories of ten.

They are not based on the commonly used Major System and have no codification whatsoever. The only logic in it is the grouping of related characters. Therefore this system lacks a simple way to learn it. On the other hand is the user gaining the opportunity to use a large set of selected people of choice to fill the system. The Major System is limiting the possibilities to a small amount of choices for each number combination.

Since I am already using a Person-Action-Object (PAO) system with 100 images encoding two digits each, I can use the actions and objects together in the following way to memorize all of the 1.000 new people very quickly:

In my old system the number 74 is car, based on the Major Code. The PAO version is Michael Schumacher – racing – car.
The number 40 is “rose” and the PAO version is Sleeping Beauty – stinging – rose.

When I learn the person for number 740 now, which is Charlie Sheen, I break the number in the the first two and the last two digits, using the middle digit twice. In that case 740 becomes 74 and 40. Now I imagine that Charlie Sheen (P) is racing (A) into a huge pile of roses (40). In that way I am able to memorize all of the new 1.000 people with my old 2-digit AO-system (I don’t need the old 100 people for that technique).

This system is easily upgradedable to a 3rd-Level PAO system with three digits each.

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