The Super Brain Show (or simply: The Brain) in China is probably the biggest show about memory athletes and other mental abilities in the world. Rumours speak of over a 100 Million viewers in China alone, ratings every other TV channel in the world can only dream of. And it is all about our friends and colleagues from the memory sports world or other related areas, like mental calculation and more. Since its first airing in 2014, memory sports is exploding in China!

Originally the concept comes from the European production studio Endemol, which broadcasted the first version in Germany, called Superhirn. Memory athletes like Dr. Boris Konrad and others competed there and showed how it is done. Since then the show was sold to other countries like China, France, Spain and recently even the USA. They all named the show slightly different and changed the concept according to their own local audiences. But the idea stayed the same: Talented people with phenomenal mental abilities show off their skills to win the big price.

China certainly blew up the concept to an unprecedented size. Particularly their country specials are super exciting. Even if you don’t speak any Chinese, it is worth watching how the Chinese battle against the greatest talents from countries like Germany, USA, England, Japan, Mongolia and others. The episodes include stars like Ben Pridmore, Nelson Dellis, Simon Reinhard, Johannes Mallow, Dr. Boris Konrad, Katie Kermode and many other well known name from memory sports. Lucky for us: all episodes are available on Youtube.

Here is the latest episode, which was aired a few days ago, including the memory athletes Simon Reinhard, Johannes Mallow and Melanie Höllein from Germany.