The new episode of Nelson Dellis’ MIND SHOW with Anthony Brooks as a guest. Anthony is one of the fastest Rubik’s Cube solvers in the world. You will see 45 Minutes talk about Speed Cubing.  They dive into techniques, strategies, and what it’s like to be a professional cuber. Nelson Dellis likes the cube so much, he puts himself together with a cube at the number 12 in his own memory system. Accordingly to that fact, he is very enthusiastic and curious on his guest and asks Anthony Brooks many questions!

Video Timeline

Here is the video timeline for you:

2:15 – “Intro”
3:37 – “How did you get started?”
7:11 – “Current World Records”
8:55 – “What are Speed Cubing competitions like?”
15:50 – “Strategy – The Cross”
16:55 – “Basic Strategy”
19:00 – “ZB System”
25:00 – “How are you learning your system?”
29:20 – “Are you using the ZB System yet?”
33:25 – “Fastest personal times”
37:12 – “What is the World Record average time?”
39:30 – “What’s next for you?”
41:05 – “How can people learn more?”
41:25 – “Best Cubing experience”
45:00 – “Close”

And here some important links:
To support the project by extremely memory challenge, you can reach the test with this link. They have like 10.000 people who absolved the test already, but as more are taking the test as better is the chance to find healing for alzheimer’s and other brain diseases.

To Check out Anthony Brooks’ website:

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Editorial notice: We have posted this interview in the name of Nelson Dellis using mostly his own description from YouTube.

Learn to solve the cube with a memory system

If you are interested in how to solve the Rubik’s cube with a beginner system memory athlete style, check out our article about it. But beware: a true cubing expert is learning the algorythms with muscle memory, meaning through many repetitions. Using a memory system is not wrong but an entirely different approach.