Do you remember our “out-of-the-box” interview with Marcin Kowalczyk from Poland, who is a rockstar when it comes to blindfolded Rubik’s cubing? Guess what: He is doing memory sports now and he does it with the same motivation he solves the cubes. He is already on the top positions of the Memory League (formerly known as XMT).

This is a video he posted on Facebook with an out of the world result in Names. Only a few others have done something like that before. Below you’ll find his comments:

I started practice names&faces memorisation in September, I never did it before, and I was bad. I averaged around ~11 names in 60 seconds in the beginning 🙂
But now, 4 months later, I finally got my first 100% score, I memorised correctly all 30 names in 59,35 seconds 🙂

You can try it there:

More about Marcin Kowalczyk

Marcin KowalczykMarcin has done incredible achievements in the cubing community. It is interesting to see, how quickly he has improved in memory sports disciplines. If you want to compete against him, you can create yourself a free account on the Memory League. In the free version you will get 3 attempts each day. If you get a payed account you can use the software as often as you like. To challenge Marcin you can click on “compete” in the menu and select “specific opponent”. In that field you have to enter his username “Marcin Maskow Kowalczyk”. This only works if he is online and accepts your challenge. For a ranked challenge against him, you will have to climb up on level ten one or all disciplines first.

You can also check out his YouTube channel, where he is posting a lot of training videos like this one. The majority of his videos is about Rubik’s cubing but he is now posting more and more about memory disciplines.