The popular website and the famous Extreme Memory Tournament (XMT) have joined forced: With their Kickstarter campaign Art of Memory Software – Learn More in Less Time they have the goal to create a bundle of brilliant memory training games and tools. The campaign is running for only three more days. You should check it out before it ends and save yourself one of the cool perks they are offering.

I think it sounds like a marvellous project so I saved myself the Early Sherlock perk. It looks like something I would like to use with my students during my memory coaching. In regards of the quality of the Artofmemory forum and the genius XMT software from Simon Orton I have very high expectations for this project. Let us all make it happen together.

We have three more days to raise our final $4,000 on Kickstarter. Even if you can’t back it with a pledge at the moment, every like and share helps!

Many thanks to everyone who believes in our mission to change the future of education and replace the current generation of mediocre “brain training” apps with something that actually lives up to what it says it does. When you try this software, I think that you will be completely amazed at what your brain is capable of doing!

If you have found useful over the years, this is the most important opportunity to support the future development of the project. Thanks!

Josh Cohen

Founder of

End of campaign and begin of...