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Tag: Nelson Dellis

World Class Memory Training

Nelson Dellis’ MIND SHOW with Yusnier Viera the Human Calendar

Ever wanted to be able to calculate the day of the week for any given date in history? Yusnier trained himself to do it and is now a World Record holder. In this 3rd episode of the MIND SHOW, we get to know Yusnier, his background, his skills, how he does it, and general math improvement tips. ENJOY!

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Cambridge Memory Championship 2010

US memory athlete Nelson Dellis went to the 5th Cambridge Open to compete in his first international championship. After training non-stop since September 2009 he was aiming high scores. And he got them (although not nearly as high as he hoped. Read his review about this famous event.

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Report: USA Memory Championship 2010

Welcome to the memory sports season 2010. I am in New York City to cover the 13th USA Memory Championship for you. It will be a premiere for all you Europeans, Asians and Australians. There was only very little information about...

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