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World Class Memory Training

China excels with a British invention

Germany and China are picking up the ball and running with a British invention, the World Memory Championship. Founded in London in 1991, the Memory Championships, now in their 19th year, are taking place in Guangzhou, China....

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Cambridge Memory Championship 2010

US memory athlete Nelson Dellis went to the 5th Cambridge Open to compete in his first international championship. After training non-stop since September 2009 he was aiming high scores. And he got them (although not nearly as high as he hoped. Read his review about this famous event.

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Memory Discipline: Cards

This article explains several techniques about how to memorize a deck of cards in an incredible time. At memory championships Speed Cards is the ultimate memory discipline.

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How to handle a Memory Championship

Good results at memory championships depend on doing things correctly. In this article you will learn about common mistakes and how you can handle a championship as a participant to maximize your overall score.

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