Combining knowledge and a memory system is part of creating my Millennium PAO memory system. In this article I present all the (more or less) sovereign countries of the East and South. With this list I finished the Country System, including 199 states and a globe. Since I ordered the West and the East each from 00-99 it is up to you which list you start learning first. 

Asia, Oceania and Africa

This is the second of two lists with 100 countries of the world. It is ordered from North to South and East to West in sinuous lines. The purpose of this so-called memory wardrobe is a practical use at memory competitions but learning useful information at the same time. I have to admit that these memory pegs are pretty unusual and often more a whole location rather than an object. But I am optimistic that I can reduce their complexity in my mental images to their basics and use them like any other object with some practise. It might be difficult to defferntiate between some of them like all the statues or the towers. But it is possible to find their uniqueness and focus on that. More background knowledge might be beneficial.
Each country is represented by some kind of famous object related to that country like monuments, statues, buildings, places or sometimes just symbolic ones. It was very difficult to come up with that list and I hope I was able to keep all countries dignity. I am sure that there are many other options for all the countries which might suit them better but I can only rely on what I found online during my research. I am eager to listen to your suggestions for better images. Please feel free to use the comments section below.

System for America, Europe and the Middle East

The logic of the Country System

This is no mnemonic technique like for example the Major System and therfore needs another memory system to learn. It also doesn’t include the names of the countries. At first you will only know a list of famous sights all around the world which you can only partially associate to country names. That knowledge will be established over time with the help of further mnemonics if neccessary but is only of secondary importance. Since this system is meant to be used at memory championships it must be quick and clear. And actually I prefer a list like this over alternatives to learn the countries like the Method of Loci because know I am able to handle an actual object for each country instead of an idea or a just a funny little mnemonic.

The order of the countries in this list is the following:

  • Asia (00-28)
  • Oceania (29-44)
  • Africa (45-99)

Neither the order nor the objects are meant to imply any political meaning or believe system. I used Wikipedia to gather all of these more or less souvereign countries.


The Complete List

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