The Extreme Memory Tournament (XMT) is one of the hottest memory events. A few days ago I wrote a little bit about it and presented the top 16 qualification attempts with cards for the 2016 event. Today we will look at the best Qualifier results with the unique Images discipline.

Images has been introduced to the XMT in 2015 and became immediately a hit. The memory athletes have to memorize 30 random photos with landscapes, people, animals, plants and objects. Like with all five XMT events they have a maximum of 1 minute to accomplish that. The current XMT record is held by Enkhjin Tumur from Mongolia with astonishing 14.40 seconds for all 30 images.

Now let’s have a look what the top 16 qualification attempts for Images look like. Below you will find all the videos from the competitors. Enjoy!

Enkhjin Tumur with his XMT record in Images

Johannes Zhou

Johnny Briones

Ola Kåre Risa

Anne Reulke

Tsetsegzul Zorigtbaatar

Marwin Wallonius

Tuuruul Myagmarsuren

(video no longer available)

Anudari Adiyasuren

Wessel Sandtke

Everett Chew

Yanjindulam Altansuh

Purevjav Erdenesaikhan

Ben Pridmore

Clay Knight

Shi Binbin

Jan-Hendrik Büscher