Welcome to the memory sports season 2010. I am in New York City to cover the 13th USA Memory Championship for you. It will be a premiere for all you Europeans, Asians and Australians. There was only very little information about this event in our areas before. This will change forever now with the major Memory-Sports.com coverage. On Saturday 6th, you can follow me live in this very article.

Live from New York

Hello and welcome to the 13th USA Memory Championship. I have semi bad news for you: There is no internet connection available around the competition area. Therefore I must report about this championship in little chunks und travel with my laptop around the building to give you updates. I try to be as informative as possible that way.

We started with the first discipline Names & Faces which is a standard event at all national and international memory championships. The competitors have 15 minutes to memorize as many names and faces as possible. Then they get recall sheets where they get the same faces in a random order. They have again 15 minutes to recall the names. By the way: In International Standard you have 30 minutes recall time.

I counted 32 competitors so far including the former US Champions Chester Santos and Ram Koli as well as the actual Champion Ron White. There are several teams competing like four guys from the Gettysburg College and three girls sponsored by the New York Yankees.

Top 7 Results: Words

  1. Hamisha Patel – 154 names
  2. Ram Kolli – 147 names
  3. Michael Glantz, Hannan Khan – 142 names
  4. Sophia Hu – 125 names
  5. Kabir Singh – 118 names
  6. Nelson Dellis – 109 names

The second discipline will be Speed Numbers. They have two attempts to memorize as many digits in 5 minutes as possible and write them down afterwards. Other than in International Standard the results will be checked right at the table with a judge. I think that is a very interesting aspect of getting the scores for this event. On the other hand there are probably too many digits to check at a World Memory Championship. So it only pays off in an event with a little lower standard.

Top 6 Results: Speed Numbers

  1. Nelson Dellis – 178 digits (new US record)
  2. Ron White – 140
  3. Michael Harty & Ram Koli – 120
  4. Chester Santos – 100
  5. Paul Mellor – 89

We will start with Speed Cards any second now…

The first finalists are…

We finished the Speed Cards (results are coming soon) now and the first three finalists are announced:

  1. Nelson Dellis
  2. Ram Kolli
  3. Ron White

They also finished the 4th. discipline Poem already but we’ll have to wait for about an hour for the final results. In the meantime you should check out the picture stream beneath with new updated pics from the Speed Cards event.

Championship Round

Words To Remember

The following competitors entered the second round:

  1. Nelson Dellis
  2. Ram Kolli
  3. Ron White
  4. Chester Santos
  5. Dan Perl
  6. Michael Harty
  7. Hamisha Patel

The first discipline in the championship round was Words. The contestants left the room and memorized in 15 minutes as many words as possible. With the 65th word Dan Perl and Michael Harty dropped out of the first round.

Tea Party

We are now in the middle of the Tea Party event. The five remaining competitors just heard details from five different people, like their names, cars, pets and favorite food.
New information for me: They also get five sheets with all the information on it they need. Now they have 8 minutes to memorize these details. I’ll see you after this event.

Result: And I am back with the winners of the second discipline of the Championship Round: After four out of five persons Hamisha Patel and Chester Santos dropped out of competition by doing three mistakes. The only one with no faults at all was Ron White who did brilliantly.
The finalists are now preparing the very last challenge – Double Deck’O Cards.

The three finalists are:

  • Ron White
  • Ram Kolli
  • Nelson Dellis

Who will become the new USA Memory Champion?

By the way: I got the whole championship round on tape. You can watch it in the next days. I am afraid I cannot upload any videos over here.

And the winner is…

After memorizing two decks of cards in five minutes, the three finalists sat down together for a last time. Nelson made a terrible mistake right in the beginning by starting from the wrong side. There was no mercy possible since he also memorized the cards upside down. After about 70 cards Ram made a mistake and Ron ended up defending his title as US Memory Champion.



I am sorry there was such a hickup and irregularity in my coverage. It was very difficult to work since I had no connection myself. I was depending on a very old PC with little rights (I couldn’t open all my mail accounts and wasn’t allowed to upload videos) and time. Therefore I couldn’t even announce the winner since I hadn’t got any access to the computer anymore. Anyhow I will write a detailed review these days to give you a better insight in this championship.