JOHANNES MALLOW knocked Ben Pridmore off his throne


  • Abstract Images 350 – Gunther Karsten
  • 30min Numbers 1284 Johannes Mallow
  • Spoken Numbers 240 Simon Reinhard
  • Names & Faces 201 Boris Konrad
  • Random Words 300 Simon Reinhard


  1. Johannes Mallow 8919 German Open 2010
  2. Ben Pridmore 7908 WMC 2008
  3. Dr. Gunther Karsten 7631 German 2007
  4. Simon Reinhard 7624 German 2009
  5. Christian Schäfer 7358 German Open 2010
  6. Clemens Mayer 7302 WMC 2006
  7. Boris Konrad 7053 German Open 2010
  8. Astrid Plessl 6909 WMC 2004
  9. Cornelia Beddies 6878 German 2007
  10. Wang Feng 6480 WMC 2009
Johannes Mallow

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November 13, 2010 – Johannes Mallow from Magdeburg (29) now officially has the best memory in Germany. He has beaten last year’s winner Simon Reinhard, from Munich, who despite achieving two world records, only made forth place overall. In one of the ten disciplines of MASTERS MEMO Mallow set a new world record by memorising in 1284 numbers in the correct order, with half an hour to spare. Second place in the overall standings was Dr. Gunther Karsten (49) from Erfurt, Cornelia Beddies (22) from Kornwestheim in Germany achieved 5th place overall.

Five new world records for adults

Two world records were set by Simon Reinhard: 240 Spoken Numbers and 300 Random Words. Boris Konrad (26) from Munich, achieve 195 names and faces in 15 minutes. Dr. Gunther Karsten increased its own record for the recall of abstract images of 318 to 350 images.

Three new Junior World Records

New German children master of memory Konstantin Skudler Sports (12) from Berlin achieved a new world record spoken number with 170 digits in 5 minutes. Two new records were set by Anna Barwick (15) from Neuenrade: In Random Words she achieved 58 words and 68 in Historic Dates in 5 minutes.

A total of 19 adults and 15 children and young people competed on the weekend at the Eperimenta in Heilbronn, in the 13thMEMO MASTERS, German Memory Championships, to become the best memoriser in Germany. The event is organised by Society of Memory and Creativity Promotion Association of Isny. Managing Director Klaus Kolb: “The results were sensational. The German Team will play in the next World Memory Championship in China in early December and it promises to be a very exciting competition!”