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Author: Florian Dellé

Super Brain 2016 – China vs Germany

The Super Brain Show (or simply: The Brain) in China is probably the biggest show about memory athletes and other mental abilities in the world. So it is all about our friends and colleagues from the memory sports world or other related areas, like mental calculation and more. Since its first airing in 2014, memory sports is exploding in China!

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XMT 2016 Qualifier Results: Words

The fifth and final week of the Extreme Memory Tournament (XMT) online qualification events is over. It was all about memorizing words, which ultimately decided the 16 slots for the altogether 24 positions of the XMT 2016 (8 athletes are already qualified from last years event).

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XMT 2016 Qualifier Results: Numbers

The Extreme Memory Tournament (XMT) Qualifiers 2016 in week number four was all about the Number discipline. The athletes had to memorize 80 digits, for which they had a maximum of 60 seconds, like in all XMT events. All top 16 qualified athletes did that task in much less than the given time.

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XMT 2016 Qualifier Results: Names

The third week of the XMT Qualifiers 2016 was all about memorizing up to 30 names in 60 seconds or less. The current world record was set in 2015 by the German memory athlete Simon Reinhard, with 27 names in 60 seconds. Although the Qualifiers are no official results, we have seen some very impressive scores, with three athletes equalizing and another three even breaking the current record.

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The Memory Sports Show – Episode 3

In the third episode of the Memory Sports Show Boris and Florian are talking about great TV performances with memory athletes all around the world. The two hosts are longer in the memory business than most others in the world and have seen some extraordinary things over the years.

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