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Author: Florian Dellé

The Major System

Learn how to memorize numbers with the Major System. It is a powerful memory technique which is used by the majority of mental athletes. Since it is based on a phonetic system, you will easily memorize all the images and go on to use it in action. But you must be careful: It will blow your mind!

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Konstantin Skudler Interview

He is the youngest star among the memory elite. With only nine years old he won the World Memory Championship Children’s Competition in 2008. Memory-Sports journalist Florian Dellé spoke with his former student from Berlin.

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The Perfect Association

It is time for the second chapter of How to become a Memory Champion. The last time we spoke about the method of loci, with which we created an Elephant Path. Today we will talk about how to use it and create a story worth remembering. It is all about the right associations. Learn what you should do and what you should leave out.

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The Method of Loci

This is the first part of your guide to become a memory like an elephant. will give you an insight in the amazing techniques of all mental athletes, starting with the famous Method of Loci. You will learn how to memorize numbers, cards, names and words and discover the fascinating world of Memory Sports.

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Dorothea Seitz Interview

About two years ago Dorothea Seitz started to train memory techniques. In October 2008 she went to Bahrain and competed against 43 memory athletes from all over the world – and became Junior World Memory Champion. spoke with the sixteen years young lady.

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