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Author: Florian Dellé

Dennis Müller Interview

He is the most promising newcomer of the season ’09. In only three championships in a row he climbed from zero to rank 22 in the world. It will only be a matter of time and experience before he aims for even higher positions. was asking him about his techniques and his amazing synesthesia.

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Memory Discipline: Random Words

In the previous episodes of How to become a Memory Champion you learned all about the basic techniques of a memory athlete. From now on you will be introduced into the championship disciplines. We will start with two of the easier ones: Speed Words and Random Words.

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Memory Discipline: Binary Digits

In the fifth episode of How to become a Memory Champion you will be introduced to binary digits. Understand the logic behind ones and zeros and learn how to memorize them. With that knowledge you can enter another main discipline in a memory championship.

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Memory Discipline: Cards

This article explains several techniques about how to memorize a deck of cards in an incredible time. At memory championships Speed Cards is the ultimate memory discipline.

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Phil Chambers Interview

He is the chief arbiter of memory sports and Tony Buzan’s right hand: Phil Chambers spoke with us about the early days of the sport. He is also looking into a bright future where many of our dreams might come true. Read more about what the World Memory Sports Council has in mind for the mental athletics.

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