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Author: Florian Dellé

Ben Pridmore Interview

In the last decade memory sports most valuable player was by far the bold bearded man with the black hat. He has the fastest memory in the world and probably the best humor among all athletes of his kind. spoke with the self-appointed “Geek” about his roots, role models and rivals.

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Memory Discipline: Historical Dates

It’s been quite a while since my last episode of How to become a Memory Champion. The last time I introduced you to the disciplines where you have to memorize random words. Today we will have a look at the discipline Historic/Future Dates.

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The Mnemosyne Project

Each memory athlete has to learn and train one to several memory systems. In most cases they have at least 100 peg words. If they are really ambitious they go for even bigger systems with up to thousands of pegs. A great software to support memorizing those pegs would be the free Mnemosyne Flashcard Program.

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Review: Swedish Memory Championship 2009

After each memory championship Memory-Sports is writing a review about the competition. Read about the 1st Swedish Memory Championship in Gothenburg. Several Competitors wrote their statement about this event and like always I publish the best pictures I took. Read, download and have fun.

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Oddbjørn By Interview

He is the tripple Norwegian Memory Champion and author of the international bestseller book “Memo”. The 28 years old Oddbjørn By is famous for his memory in Skandinavia. spoke with him about his book, speed exams and other creative ways to use memory techniques.

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