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Lance Tschirhart

Lance Tschirhart   Lance competed in 2014 at the USA MC where he got the 3rd place. In 2015 he shattered two national records in Speed Numbers and Speed Cards. At the MAA US Open 2015 he jumped to position ten in the world. He holds the world record in Memo Cube with 50.80 seconds. USA  Born 1988  3rd at USA Memory Championship 2014  2nd at MAA US Memory Open 2015  Lance on Facebook Official Records Videos with Lance Tschirhart Memory Records by Lance Tschirhart Speed Cards (5min max) Cards (10min) Speed Numbers (5min)...

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Nelson Dellis

Nelson Dellis US Memory Champion   Nelson Dellis is a Grandmaster of Memory (GMM) and a three times US Memory Champion. In 2014 Nelson organized the first Extreme Memory Tournament (XMT) in San Diego. USA  Born 1984  US Memory Champion 2011, 2012, 2014  Grandmaster of Memory (GMM)  Nelson on Facebook Official Records Interview I’m a believer that by training your brain, even if it’s just by memorizing a deck of cards once a day, you’re developing skills that will help you when you need to memorize something else (something that isn’t a card).  ...

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