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Project Category: Sweden

Jonas von Essen

World Memory Champion 2013 World Memory Champion 2014 I think that aiming high and practicing above your comfort level is very important. If you aim low you will land low. If you go fast and forget a lot you will gradually adapt to the higher tempo and forget less and less. It made all the difference to me. Jonas von Essen Gold Medal Positions Gothenburg Championship 2014 Indian Open 2014 Spanish Open 2014 Swedish Open 2014 World Championship 2014 Friendly (Cambridge) Championship 2013 Gothenburg Championship 2013 South German Open 2013 Swedish Championship 2013 UK Open 2013 Welsh Open 2013...

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Yanjaa Wintersoul

My dream when I started in 2014 was to be better than the Germans. With the support of Idriz, Marwin and Jonas – the dream came true Yanjindulam Altansuh, 2014 Gold Medal Positions Gothenburg Open 2015 Q&A Session with Yanjaa on IAM Memory Records Memocamp...

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