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Author: Florian Dellé

Interview with Katie Kermode

Katie Kermode is one of the most talented memory athletes of all time. She has broken the Names & Faces world record on her very first memory championship in 2008. Ever since then she has established herself a reputation of improving steadily in all disciplines. We spoke with her about her passion. Memory-Sports: Tell us a bit about yourself. Katie Kermode: I live near Manchester, UK, with my husband and our two young children. I’m a freelance translator and my work is in Dutch, German and French. I’ve always been interested in languages so it’s an ideal job for...

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Interview with Sri Vyshnavi Yarlagadda

In this century India is becoming one of the most influential countries in the world, with the biggest population and a thriving economy. They alreay have produced some of the finest memory athletes in the world. Sri Vyshnavi Yarlagadda is holding up the torch for memory sports in India and for inspiring women worldwide with her amazing achievements at memory competitions. We spoke with her about her ambitions, her training and her vision for the future of the sport.

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Interview with Lance Tschirhart

In the recent years the USA has produced several top memory athletes, one of them is the world record holder Lance Tschirhart. He made himself a name for creating sophisticated memory systems and doing a vigorous training regimen. We spoke with him about his systems, training and goals.

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Interview with Emma Andersson

Memory sport has been dominated by men for over two decades now. But the tides are turning with more and more amazing female memory athletes appearing all around the world. We are starting a special interview series about the women in our sport with a brilliant junior from Sweden, who is already a world record holder in the adult class of the discipline called Abstract Images.

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