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Author: Florian Dellé

Marcin Kowalczyk: 30 names in under 60 seconds

Do you remember our “out-of-the-box” interview with Marcin Kowalczyk from Poland, who is a rockstar when it comes to blindfolded Rubik’s cubing? Guess what: He is doing memory sports now and he does it with the same motivation he solves the cubes.

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Interview with Shijir-Erdene Bat-Enkh

Shijir is a Grandmaster of Memory from Mongolia, who broke the junior world record in Speed Cards and even won the adult category for Binary Numbers at the 2016 World Memory Championships. We have talked with him about his passion, training and the difference of memory sports in Mongolia and western countries.

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Upcoming Competitions

  • 1st Korea Open Memory Championship

    Friday, 09:00
  • Italy Open 2017

    Saturday, 08:50
  • MemoryXL Open 2017

    Friday, 09:00
  • North German Regional Championship

    Saturday, 08:00
  • 7th Mongolian Memory Championship

    Wednesday, 08:00
  • 4th Philippine International Open Memory Championship

    Saturday, 08:00

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