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Month: May 2016

The Democratic Outcry of the Memory Sports Community

On May 26th 2016, a selection of well known memory athletes, arbiters and organizers from around the world spoke up in a public letter addressed to World Memory Sports Council, the non-democratic organ behind the organizers of the World Memory Championships (WMC) and all its substitutes, the so-called “rankable” championships. It addresses the lack of democratic structures and the privatization of the sport. Simon Reinhard posted it in the name of the first signatories who developed the letter in the Facebook group of the World Memory Championships. By now it has been shared many times and many more people...

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MAA US Memory Open 2016 Registration

The US Memory Open will return in the second year as the only fully rankable memory championship in the United States. Unlike last year, this event will be a pen & paper competition. It will use the shorter National Standard with 5min Names, 10min Cards and 15min Numbers.

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