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Month: February 2016

XMT 2016 Qualifier Results: Images

The Extreme Memory Tournament (XMT) is one of the hottest memory events. A few days ago I wrote a little bit about it and presented the top 16 qualification attempts with cards for the 2016 event. Today we will look at the best Qualifier results with the unique Images discipline.

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XMT 2016 Qualifier Results: Cards

The Extreme Memory Tournament (short: XMT) has established itself as the most exciting memory event of the year. Well, next to the World Memory Championship. But since it is fully digital with a gorgeous software, live-streaming, instant results and $75,000 prize money, it can easily outrank the World Memory Sports Councils (WMSC) crown jewel. On top of all that it is the only championship that requires a qualification for the 24 available competitor slots. The name “extreme” really lives up to its name. The US memory champion Nelson Dellis created this fabulous event together with Australian memory champion and...

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