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Memory Competitions


Interview with Alex Mullen

In the recent years we have seen the United States joining the top elite of memory athletes. One of the young and super talented Yankees is Alex Mullen. He jumped under the top 20 in the world in his first ranked tournament and placed fourth in the Extreme Memory Tournament 2015.

Memory Techniques

The Pyramid Memory System

This article is a detailed introduction into a grand modular category memory system. It does not use any kind of letter code and allows the user 100% control over the images and categories being used.



Upcoming Competitions

  • 1st Korea Open Memory Championship

    Friday, 09:00
  • Italy Open 2017

    Saturday, 08:50
  • MemoryXL Open 2017

    Friday, 09:00
  • North German Regional Championship

    Saturday, 08:00
  • 7th Mongolian Memory Championship

    Wednesday, 08:00
  • 4th Philippine International Open Memory Championship

    Saturday, 08:00

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